About us

Welcome to www.enjoytheview.eu, an online photo archive showcasing beautiful photography and stunning scenery from around Europe and across the world.

With comprehensive commentary included within most albums, as well as accurate geo-tagging to map shooting locations and show nearby photos, the site brings you more than just photos. Our city albums aim to give you a virtual tour of key sites, monuments and facts, allowing you to explore destinations from the comfort of your computer.

Indeed, we hope the albums will inspire you to visit some of the cities, countrysides, monuments, coastlines, parks, rivers, mountains and other scenery featured within, and we would love to hear from you if our pages have helped you plan a holiday or day trip. Where possible, we hope the adverts provided on our pages will guide you to relevent external sites.

Extensive metadata is also available alongside each photo, providing precise shooting facts, such as the shutter speed, aperture, ISO value and all the camera’s other settings, on a shot-by-shot basis. Any keen photographers will find this information interesting, especially in comparing photos, while the time stamps should be useful if you’re planning your own visit.

Alongside our vast and growing photo archive, We also produce various features for your enjoyment, such as the London to Paris bike ride in 2008, which launched this website, following on from several small-scale web ventures beforehand. Our archive has been available online, in various designs and at several web addresses, ever since 2001, leading to a decade of design experience and improvements.

Originally comprising a handful of photos, the site now features several thousand images and is based in London. Pages are now generated automatically, by our own deployment tool, used exclusively on this site. But the design is still evolving and new functionality is constantly being developped to help keep the site up-to-date and bring our albums to new audiences.

A warm welcome to all our visitors. We hope you enjoy your time on our website.

Paul Vincent